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Inner Beauty


Discover Nature's Answer to Inner & Outer Beauty…


MELILEA Progene is a beauty and health supplement for men and women. It consists of Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme (SOD), an extremely effective antioxidant in fighting against free radical and other ingredients that are traditionally renowned for their beauty promoting properties.

By combining western technology to extract SOD from young wheat grass and eastern herbals such as royal jelly, hydrolysed pearl powder, job's tear seed, ginseng, lingzhi and Chinese yam, MELILEA Progene protects against the signs of aging and helps you attain a youthful appearance.

Extensively tested and examined by scientific and research units, it has been found to be rich in nutrient ingredients and is significant as a complementary health product.

Suitable adults who would like to have beauty and healthy skin complexion.

Direction for Consumption

Twice a day, 1 or 2 tablets each time. Best before meals.

Global Recognition and Coverage

MELILEA Progene was created after stringent research and study. This unique product is the result of research done in 70 countries and through 3,500 periodicals and 3.2 million documents. The guiding principle of the development of this product is the application of the harmony of Yin and Yang of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), as well as the latest western medical theory of using SOD enzyme to remove oxidized radicals.


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