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The Origins of a life-transforming business... 
Wong Kwai Hua and Chin Kui Yin were already successful in their careers. It was time then to enjoy their relaxed and worry-free lives, focus on building a happy family, and be an active part of their children growing up. Nonetheless, their concern for the less fortunate in society and their strong sense of empathy inspired them to spark something radical that would transform the lives of millions.

Late one quiet night near the end of 2001, Wong Kwai Hua was reviewing his business goals and wondered: "Is there a unique business model in the 21st century that offers from the framework of traditional enterprises? Where its purpose is not only to generate profits or provide employment opportunities, but to help ordinary people discover their inherent value and transform their own lives?"

He pondered: "Can a modern company guide people who join it to build a valuable life for themselves and create their own happy future? How can this company enable everyone to gain health, beauty and success while living a balanced happy life?" 

The spark was ignited, and Wong Kwai Hua was overwhelmed with excitement. At 3 in morning, his eureka moment came when the brand name “MELILEA" flashed in his mind, fully-formed. Excitedly, he woke his wife, Chin Kui Yin, up and shared his epiphany and breakthrough idea of a business with the core concept of changing people’s lives through transformation. 

3 a.m. was the birth hour of MELILEA. Its origin will eventually be recorded and the lives of millions will eventually experience this transformation. 
4 Core Values



MELILEA advocates the principle of pure and natural with whole food diet, promotes a functional botanical diet, and encourages natural and organic dietary concepts and lifestyles for all. Through the whole food diet philosophy of MELILEA, we can ensure our bodies get all the nutrients needed. When we take care of our health from the inside-out, the benefits reveal themselves as our physical appearance is transformed. This is the cornerstone of MELILEA’s belief and the foundation of all natural beauty.



MELILEA believes that real beauty comes from within. It starts with having a positive attitude, cultivating a genuine open heart, and love for Mother Nature. We appreciate that nature has blessed us with gifts for our beauty and health. And with precise application of advanced technology, MELILEA will continue to discover secrets of wellness, youthfulness and longevity for the benefit of all.



MELILEA believes only 3 things are essential for business success – SELF, ABILITY and RESOURCE. These days, when even investing millions may not guarantee success, you can end up a legendary entrepreneur with minimal capital and a risk-free foundation. With MELILEA, you can start small and grow so big. Therefore, MELILEA is both a social enterprise and a sustainable business. Through a transformative and sustainable business platform, we will empower you towards success as long as you persevere and abide by our code of teamwork and ethics. With all the pieces in place, your success is a natural consequence.



Every one of us want to live a happy life. The key to happiness is in understanding ourselves better and what we want out of life. It begins with having a healthy sense of self-esteem. Once this increases, so does our sense of happiness. MELILEA helps you recognize that you deserve more out of life by building up your self-esteem. Through MELILEA’S transformation platform, happiness becomes a deserving and rewarding part of your life.