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Our Founder Executive President


DPSM, Hon. Ph.D.

Winner of Four Stevie Awards for Women in Business 2015

“When making a promise,
we must keep to our word and deliver on the promise, always!” 

- Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin DPSM, Hon. Ph.D.

From the tender age of 14, Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin started working in order to be self-sufficient and reduce the financial burden at home. She learnt from young to find the balance between survival and idealism. Since very early on, she believed that whatever wisdom and wealth a person has accumulated in life must be bequeathed to the next generation, and considered the responsibility of building a legacy for the future as the natural order of life.

This philosophy has served her well. She founded the MELILEA Group’s key businesses and successfully became a role model for female entrepreneurs. In the 12th Annual Stevie Awards (considered the Oscars of the business industry) for Women in Business 2015, Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin was the first Asian Chinese woman to win 4 prestigious awards.

Sharing her experience and secrets of career success, she reveals that “only 3 things are essential for business success – SELF, ABILITY and RESOURCE." As such, Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin always tries to find a balance between family and career. What inspires her is not status, wealth or poverty, but meaning or finding one’s purpose in life.

Recalling the art she painted as a child, her emphasis was not in the composition or brush strokes but how her art could bring people feel hope and happiness. Back then, her teachers did not appreciate this approach and, often, she had to settle for second place in competitions!
In conceptualising the New Era of MELILEA, Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin hopes to pass on the group's successful corporate management methods to the next generation, leading everyone towards a consistent and successful career and sustainable business well into the future. With MELILEA, you can start small and grow so big! 

"Our business connects with and treats customers as people, not transactions,” she says. “and MELILEA makes every ordinary person extraordinary.” “As long as the person has the will, and is willing to help others, they can transform their lives, and also to help others transform their health, beauty, success and happiness.”
Under her creative leadership to promote the company’s products, MELILEA has developed the “MEDetox Program”, advocates green and healthy eating habits, and promotes a healthy and organic lifestyle. 

She attaches great importance to the value of maintaining physical and mental health and amplifies this responsibility to the society by advocating social welfare programmes together with the founder of MELILEA, Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong.

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