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In mid-year of 2018, Malaysia recorded the highest number of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) case reaching more than 40,000. The outbreak received a lot of attention from both Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The most affected are children from preschool to primary school.

Realizing that without awareness in personal and environmental hygiene, this will stand a higher chance to repeat in the following year, MELILEA collaborated with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health to actively campaign on the prevention of HFMD.

HFMD is caused by virus mainly named as coxsackie and enterovirus with symptoms of high fever and lesions on hand, foot and mouth. Patients may transmit the disease through liquids from the body and may need to be in isolation to stop the disease from spreading.

Prevention is seen as the best way to reduce and stop the disease from spreading. Therefore, Ministry of Education with MELILEA and Ministry of Health Malaysia launched HFMD Prevention Campaign officiated by Deputy Minister of Education, Yang Berhormat Teo Nie Ching on 16th August 2018.
Launching of HFMD Prevention Campaign
In the recent case of HFMD outbreak, Ministry of Education collaborated with MELILEA and Ministry of Health in organizing HFMD Prevention Campaign. MELILEA contributed 10,000 units of LEAMIND Exclusive Hand Sanitizers (40ML) and 3,000 units of MELILEA Hand Sanitizers (500ML) to 475 schools in Malaysia.
In ensuring the effectiveness of taking prevention steps, Ministry of Education stresses the importance of caring for personal and environmental hygiene
-Yang Berhormat Teo Nie Ching (Deputy Minister of Education)
Failure in prevention has caused the disease to spread and late in getting treatment, patients may face other complications in neurology and cardiology.
-Datuk Prof Dr Alan Wong Founder, Group Chairman of MELILEA International Group of Companies
Seminars of HFMD Prevention Campaign

Teachers from schools in Peninsular Malaysia were invited to Seminar of HFMD Prevention Campaign held in:

  • Kuala Lumpur: 16th August 2018 (Thursday) at SK Taman Tun Dr Ismail 
  • Kedah: 29th August 2018 (Wednesday) at Swiss Inn Hotel, Kedah 
  • Perak: 4th September 2018 (Tuesday) at RTC Gopeng, Perak 
  • Johor: 6th September 2018 (Thursday) at Institut Latihan Perindustrian, Tangkak, Johor