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Packing Size: 1000ml
Product Code: 10330002
Insecticidal Pine Oil Floor Cleaner
  • Gentle on all floor surfaces, cleans floor, toilets, wall, drain, and kitchen
  • Cleans, wax, disinfects, and deodorizes in ONE easy step, save time and energy
  • Contains deodorizing and disinfecting formula, pine oil to prevent spread of fungus organisms, bacteria; its natural fragrance repels insects like ants and cockroaches
  • Concentrated formula, powerful cleaning effect, even at very low levels of use. Environmental-friendly and economical
  • No rinsing required, and cleans without rinse and leaves no sticky feeling
Direction of Use 
Dilute 2 capfuls to 10 litres of water. Mop floor or surface to be cleaned. No rinsing required.