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Packing size: 50ml
Removes Dead Skin & Dark Spots
Contains European Floral Plant Cells for Brightening Skin

This gentle formula exfoliating gel helps to prevent enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, blemishes and dull skin tone. It is specially formulated with European floral plant cells (poet’s narcissus) for brightening skin. It contains multi-fruits blends for gently removes dirt, impurities and dead skin for softer, smoother and youthful skin.

Active Ingredients
Poet’s narcissus, multi fruits blends, chamomile, maple & cane.

Apply adequate amount of exfoliating gel on dry face and neck, massage gently for about 2-3 minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly.


Suitable For

All skin types, sensitive or pimples skin with caution.

Poet’s narcissus Active Plant Cell Extract is developed to deliver the highest amount of original active molecules. A high tech natural ingredient was created to preserve and improve the benefits of a natural product. It is excellence with general lightening effect; reduce pigmentation and enhancing the complexion’s natural brightness.
  • Lightening and anti-blemish 
Helps to prevent and reduce brown spots
  • Brightness of the complexion 
Reduces skin blemishes, helps develop a more uniform complexion 
  • Anti-ageing properties 
Reduces deterioration of pigmentation due to sun exposure.