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Packing Size: 60 Tablets
Product Code: 40102
Registration No: MAL19963192T
The Real Beauty Begin from Within

A beauty and health supplement ideal for both men and women. It consists of Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme (SOD), an effective antioxidant for fighting free radicals and other ingredients which are traditional applied in the quest for beautiful skin.
By combining western technology to extract SOD from young wheatgrass, with eastern herbals, MELILEA PROGÉNÉ is an effective dietary supplement to prevent aging and help you attain an ever youthful appearance.
Inner Beauty
  • Reduces oxidative stress of your body 
  • Improves health internally by neutralizing harmful free radicals 
  • Strengthens your body and maintains body health and vitality
Outer Beauty
  • Anti-aging – nourishes skin, anti-aging and maintains skin youth, reduces fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Elasticity – promotes collagen synthesis, strengthens and supports skin structure to tone your skin 
  • Hydrating – enhances moisture-holding capacity of skin 
  • Whitening – reduces skin pigmentation, wrinkles, lightens dark, aging spots and scars 
  • Revitalizing – promotes skin health and rosy skin complexion 
  • Glowing – reduces blotchy skin and provides skin with natural glow and radiance
Combining Western Technology and Eastern Herbs
Lyophilzed Royal Jelly Powder, SOD Wheatgrass, Hydrolyzed Pearl Powder, Ginseng, Lingzhi, Chinese Yam and Job’s Tear Seeds.
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  • The presence of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) enzyme is extremely effective in the fight against free radicals. 
  • 1000kg young wheatgrass extracts only few grams of SOD. 
  • Special technology used for withstands stomach acids and intestinal alkalis, ideal for oral consumption. 
  • An extremely effective anti-aging enzyme to combat and remove free radicals.
  • Sole food for the Queen bee, takes 5-6 months to produce only 500g. 
  • Freeze dried to maintain nutrient integrity. 
  • Well-known longevity food packed with amino acids, vitamins, minerals to boost up collagen for skin firming. 
  • Eenergy booster for vitality, strengthen and slowing down aging process.
  • Extracted from quality fresh water pearls 
  • Hydrolyzed for better absorption compared to regular pearl powder 
  • Rich source of amino acids and minerals for melanin pigment prevention 
  • Increases skin smoothness for better complexion and skin radiance 
  • Natural UV protection
  • Rich in Ginsenoside and minerals 
  • Provides natural defense and increases energy levels
  • Natural polysaccharides enhance body’s vital energy
  • Regulates and balances body heat 
  • Strengthens body
  • Nourishes the body system 
  • Good for stomach spleen health
How to Use?
Twice a day, 1–2 tablets each time.
Best consumed before meals.

Suitable for those with
  • Poor skin condition 
  • Busy and stressful lifestyles 
  • High energy expenditure 
  • Poor stamina and prone to fatigue 
  • Poor immunity and prone to illness 
  • Frequent back pain, muscle aches 
  • Pale complexion and poor blood circulation 
  • Tendency to suffer from cold hands and feet