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Our Founder Group Chairman
Justice of Peace (JP), DMSM, Hon.Ph.D.
Winner of the prestigious Stevie Award Executive of the Year in 2011

“Everyone is given equal opportunity to succeed”
- Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong, Justice of Peace (JP), DMSM, Hon. Ph.D.

In 2011, within one of Abu Dhabi’s grandest and most luxurious hotel ballrooms, at the climax of the ceremonial event attended by many of the world’s top entrepreneurs, Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong Kwai Hua stood on stage, clutching his winning trophy. He was being honoured with a USA Stevie Award - that Oscar of the business industry - in recognition of being hailed the Executive of the Year. Amidst the roar of the standing ovation by the audience of industry leaders, global achievers and respectable entrepreneurs, Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong’s warm smile was exactly the same one he wore many years ago, half a world away.

He grew up in a remote village. The world for him then was acres and acres of rubber and oil palm plantations. Before his 14th birthday, he was only surviving. Then, one day, seemingly from out of nowhere, he saw a helicopter slowly descending and land in front of him! It was an epiphany. Only then did he realize the world was bigger than what he had previously imagined. He smiled as he felt deep in his heart that the world had more to offer him. An idea began to form, a dream that grew into a blueprint shaped by his experiences day by day. Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong’s dream was to create an equitable business platform so that everyone has the equal opportunity to transform their lives.

“A transformation platform that is a great equalizer” was his original inspiration to start a business. His goal from the very beginning was to use organic farms to ensure environmental protection, and develop products that are beneficial to health and ecologically friendly. This achievement has led to a sustainable development model for MELILEA. Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong is an expert analyst in the macro-trends of the international wellness market. His wisdom has guided numerous entrepreneurs to immense wealth and success.

A dynamic career does not make you wait for opportunity to come by. Instead, galvanised by his innovative industrial thinking, MELILEA is now at the forefront of the organic lifestyle industry.

Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong still actively ensures MELILEA adhere to its original vision, mission and entrepreneurial philosophy. In addition, he also initiates many social programmes that address social issues in various countries, and encourages all to include social contributions as a vital part of their business development goals.

“Everyone is given equal opportunity to succeed” Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong has created a unique and extraordinary path of entrepreneurship - to transform oneself and other peoples' lives. He has devised a business platform that helps people realise their dreams and achieve sustainable wealth. Regardless of one’s social, financial, educational, or ethnic background, MELILEA empowers anyone with a dream to succeed. "This career enables a nobody to be seen.” The transformative power of MELILEA, integrity and altruism are the principles of the founder, Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong Kwai Hua. He champions a positive corporate culture, and inspires all MELILEANS to successfully transform lives through teamwork and co-operation.

Our Founder Executive President
DPSM, Hon. Ph.D.
Winner of Four Stevie Awards for Women in Business 2015
Author of Best-Selling Books – “The Happiness That I Know” and “The Art of Position”
When making a promise, we must keep to our word and deliver on the promise, always!” - Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin DPSM, Hon. Ph.D.

From the tender age of 14, Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin started working in order to be self-sufficient and reduce the financial burden at home. She learnt from young to find the balance between survival and idealism. Since very early on, she believed that whatever wisdom and wealth a person has accumulated in life must be bequeathed to the next generation, and considered the responsibility of building a legacy for the future as the natural order of life.

This philosophy has served her well. She founded the MELILEA Group’s key businesses and successfully became a role model for female entrepreneurs. In the 12th Annual Stevie Awards (considered the Oscars of the business industry) for Women in Business 2015, Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin was the first Asian Chinese woman to win 4 prestigious awards.

Sharing her experience and secrets of career success, she reveals that “only 3 things are essential for business success – SELF, ABILITY and RESOURCE." As such, Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin always tries to find a balance between family and career. What inspires her is not status, wealth or poverty, but meaning or finding one’s purpose in life.

Recalling the art she painted as a child, her emphasis was not in the composition or brush strokes but how her art could bring people feel hope and happiness. Back then, her teachers did not appreciate this approach and, often, she had to settle for second place in competitions!

In conceptualising the New Era of MELILEA, Datuk Prof. Dr. Stella Chin hopes to pass on the group's successful corporate management methods to the next generation, leading everyone towards a consistent and successful career and sustainable business well into the future. With MELILEA, you can start small and grow so big! "Our business connects with and treats customers as people, not transactions,” she says. “and MELILEA makes every ordinary person extraordinary.” “As long as the person has the will, and is willing to help others, they can transform their lives, and also to help others transform their health, beauty, success and happiness.”

Under her creative leadership to promote the company’s products, MELILEA has developed the “MEDetox Program”, advocates green and healthy eating habits, and promotes a healthy and organic lifestyle.

She attaches great importance to the value of maintaining physical and mental health and amplifies this responsibility to the society by advocating social welfare programmes together with the founder of MELILEA, Datuk Prof. Dr. Alan Wong.